Polymorphism In Java

Polymorphism In Java Polymorphism is the feature of Object Oriented Programming that identifies one-to-many processes. It means multiple functions and tasks can be executed with a similar identifier. The system binds the memory at program compilation time known as compile-time polymorphism, early binding, and static binding. The system also binds the …

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SQL Recovery

Transaction recovery The database management system allows as a method to manage the data tables and it’s related information. Adata table set of records in a tables format. A transaction a programming unit whose execution may no change the container of the database, the transaction is executed as a single unit and help …

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SQL Security

Security in sql

Control consideration The database is shared between multiple users so need to secure the data to unauthorized user full stop the database is controlled with a different technique to protect the information and provide required data to the database security includes in the policy to protect data provide processing control …

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