Linux History And Idea

UNIXF2 - Linux History And Idea

Open Source Hardware:


The hardware components are defined for managing the specific software format, this hardware component also available in publically to create the copy, modify the features and re-distribute the hardware and its source code without paying any cost or royalties. The organization provides a license to the user for managing the hardware and its features. A license holder open moko provide hardware components related to the phone and open risk provide open source microprocessor under the license like GPL, LGPL, SHR.

Linux Origin:

Linux origin

It is an operating system that controls the system activities and processing. This operating system implemented in 1997 for commercial purpose. It is the project of GNU that started in 1983 by Richard Stallman and developed on Unix based operating system with graphics icon, that is known as GNU. It supports the features of Unix library, editing tools etc to perform the task. In 1991 a student LinTorvaldslds of the University of Helsinki in fill-land developed on the kernel for executing the user command and introduced by Linux with the old version.

At end of 1991 it origin introduced with new version 0.12 with new features. In 1992, the Linux version 0.12 was released and improved with a suitable kernel. The next version 0.95 was introduced with full feature system and support different shells to interpret the Linux and it supports different re-sizeable windows for controlling the user statement. In 2001, it introduced 2.4 version of Linux the more comfortable for the user and also support Intel 64-bit processor.

Red Hat Distribution:

This Linux distribution provides different tools with Linux Kernal to process the data and its installation are also different each distribution has its own advantage as well as disadvantages. A vender red hat distribution provides commercial red hat software with a graphical interface. It provides different packages and software related to open source and include GNOME, KDE etc. The red hat provides all features of Linux operating system.

Linux Principles:

Linux Principles

A) Everything is a file:

Unix and Linux system manage everything in file format including hardware, software, and other components and all are represented in the form of files. It helps to the user to access the details of particulars tools.

B) Small single purpose program:

Unix provides utilize to perform them with different functions. Each function contains a separate program to execute user instruction.

C) Ability to change program:

The code design feature of the program can be input for another to provide the flexibility to the user to combine many small programs together to perform large and complex task details. The administrator can easily move the files and its location with the help of the configuration file. Linux system manages the hardware or software related configuration in the form of the file.

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